Global Consortium
for Chemosensory Research

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We are conducting world-wide scientific studies to assess the possible relationships between respiratory illness (e.g., COVID-19, influenza or the common cold) and their effects on smell & taste.

You can take two studies. A survey and a self-check with items that you can find in your home.
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How we started

In response to anecdotal reports of the loss of smell and of taste in people who have tested positive for COVID-19, a group of international smell and taste researchers have united to study how, when and why this is happening and what it can tell us about the Coronavirus.

If you are a scientist, clinician, or patient advocate, please join us as a member





The GCCR will foster the advancement of chemosensory science at large, allowing the possibility to test larger samples of participants cross-culturally, strengthening the reliability and validity of chemosensory science across many domains.

Currently, the timely mission of the GCCR is to define and coordinate world-wide crowdsourced research to understand the reports of the chemosensory issues related to COVID-19. Subsequently, the establishment of this consortium.

In accomplishing this mission, the GCCR’s primary roles are to work cooperatively with its members to:

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