Global Consortium
for Chemosensory Research

Useful Links

External Smell and Taste Questionnaires to assess and track symptoms

From Noam Sobel Lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science: Smell Tracker app.

Widely recommended and offers useful advice about home testing:

Monell Center’s Taste and Smell Questionnaires

Avery Gilbert and Mark Greenberg – change of smell status self-checker questionnaire

AbScent Sense of Smell Project self-rating survey

American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Survey – reporting tool for clinicians

Covid-19 Self report of symptoms on King’s College London symptom check (loss of taste/smell listed symptom)

Apple general Covid-19 screening tool

CDC Coronavirus symptom-checker (no mention of smell loss)

Bi-lingual questionnaire (Fr/Eng) on anosmia and ageusia from Nez: la revue olfactive

Taste and Smell Questionnaire from the National Health and Nutrition Examination

Stuart Firestein and colleagues’ Covid-19 and smell loss app

Smell tracking app from Yale from Dana Small, Rachel Hertz and Theresa White

Lyon Neuroscience Research Center website and questionnaire on quality of life and olfactory disorders (in French)

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